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Antman Easy Workout 2015

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Workout plan provided by Richard Louis for Paul Rudd featured in Marvels Ant-Man Richard is the 2007 Trinidad National Champion, NABBA 2009 Mr. USA  and placed in the top 10  Mr. Universe in 2011 and 2013. Lets get to the workouts!  8 COUNT BODY BUILDER  (Similar to burpees) 3 sets of 7 PULL-UPS  5-10 reps FLUTTER KICKS W/ SANDBAGS  90MIN – 2MIN PLANK  Hold on for as long as you can 2 sets MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 2 sets of 8 SINGLE LEG SQUATS 3 sets of 8 OVERHEAD PRESS 2 sets of 10 INVERTED ROWS  2 sets of 8 HIGH-KNEE RAISES 3 sets of 8…

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